Water in horticulture

Your crop cannot do without an adequate supply of good quality water. Rainwater needs to be stored, and is these days by no means present in sufficient quantities. Mains water as an alternative is very expensive, and its EC value is often too high. Hatenboer-Water is a specialist in the field of water treatment and knows what solutions there are for the (international) horticultural industry. Long-standing experience in many market sectors and innovative practical know-how typifies our versatility with regard to the theme water and technology. Hatenboer-Water knows about water.

Reverse osmosis: a good basis

A reliable solution is the use of well water that is treated by a Hatenboer-Water reverse osmosis (RO) installation. With this proven membrane technology you will always have sufficient water of a constantly good quality. For your drip irrigation and fog systems. Unique to the Hatenboer-Water RO system is that ground water, brackish or seawater can be used as feed water. As a consequence of the high quality of water you achieve by using reverse osmosis, you satisfy the recirculation requirement. More information.

Keeping good water good

That’s the trick. Because unwelcome bacteria, fungi or viruses are lying in wait. A crop can quickly become infected. As a specialist in disinfection, Hatenboer-Water can provide you with a variety of solutions, for example to treat your drain water. Your specific situation and conditions determine which technology is suitable for your application. 

Project participation
As a water specialist, Hatenboer-Water is intensely active in finding targeted innovations, and is closely involved in a number of projects. Hatenboer-Water is a partner of Aqua ReUse, which aims at the re-use of water and a closed water cycle. Hatenboer-Water is also a participant in a economic programme for horticultural suppliers that is oriented on East Africa, the so-called Green Farming programme.

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