Almost all spares and consumables of all your water systems can be supplied by Hatenboer-Water, even of competing brands. Just challenge us, our long time experience and wide network of suppliers are at your service. Components are selected on the basis of their proven reliability and are supplied by only first-class manufacturers. You can also consult our printed catalogue.


The Hatenboer-Water Maritime Fresh Water programme includes a wide range of hot water calorifiers. These high quality calorifiers are specially designed for maritime use and provides a sea going vessel or offshore rig with a very reliable hot water supply.

The sturdy configuration of all elements is offshore proof and guarantees a long lifespan. If requested we can supply you with a plug and play skid.


Hatenboer-Water offers a wide range of reliable, high quality, cost effective water treatment products. Conditioning the water can vary considerably from merely removing chlorine from tap water to altering the pH, chlorine dosing for sewage treatment systems or swimming pools, preventing corrosion. We supply products all dedicated to condition your water. Being specialists in desalination by reverse osmosis you find a series of membrane related chemicals such as bio degradable antiscalants and cleaning chemicals products to optimise the desalination process and minimise operational costs.

Copper/silver ionisation

Copper/silver ionisation is very suitable for continuously combating Legionella and other biological contamination in your water system. LiquiTech systems are superior because of very accurate dose-rate control system. Recognised by the NIPH and Ctgb approved.


Good filtration is vital for a clean water supply to the end users. It is important to remove sand, grit, silt, rust and other impurities to protect the water system from contamination. It will also prevent damaging or clogging of water using equipment downstream what as a consequence saves a lot of maintenance. Not only for large water flows, but also for small scale applications Hatenboer-Water has the appropriate filter system. Filter housing of stainless steel or plastics are available. We stock a wide range of filter elements: 1 – 100 microns, surface and depth type, with or without activated carbon, any material and in various sizes. All brands available.

Fresh water generators

For your reliable potable water production on board! The Hatenboer-Water reverse osmosis seawater desalination systems are available in a wide range of capacities. In addition to our successful custom built systems, we have developed standard reverse osmosis water maker / fresh water generator series for the Maritime and Offshore market. These standard water maker ranges are available from stock, for rental or direct purchase orders. These standard units are designed in accordance with our high standards in quality and reliability, ensuring they will provide safe and reliable water for ship and crew under any circumstances. 

Hadex, disinfectant

Hadex® sodium hypochlorite based keeps the drinking water in good condition. It is food grade and is approved as a continuous disinfectant in drinking water. Hadex® prevents water wastage and saves time, as against other disinfecting agents that are harmful, dangerous and/or difficult to dose. Because of the overall action of Hadex® in water it also disinfects the tanks, pipelines and all water fed equipment. Hadex® is ready for immediate use as delivered.

Hadex dosing units

The Hatenboer-Water Hadex® dosing unit is designed for automatic dosing of Hadex® in drinking water systems. The dosing units are available in 10 and 25 ltr packing configuration. A big advantage of the dosing units is that the standard packing is used as dosing container. Therefore safer and easy to use. Unfamiliar with how the unique sodium hypochlorite based Hadex® can help you to create safe water on board? Please check the relevant product pages.

Hydrophore vessels

A stable water supply and economical, gentle handling of precious drinking water resources are the core benefits of potable water expansion vessels. The vessels save valuable drinking water. However, in a pressure boosting system the vessel stabilises also the pressure in the drinking water network. As there are no uniform standards, Hatenboer-Water provides a range of vessels that meet up the high offshore and maritime demands you need.

Kemper Valves

Water is distributed throughout the ship and is not only consumed by the crew, but also by water fed systems. Every time the water is used the risk of chemical/biological contamination of the complete system grows. Kemper regulation valves, backflow preventers and venturi are a basic safeguard of your water system. All Kemper valves are provided with all necessary permits. All components underlie the strictest requirements, which can only be guaranteed through the greatest possible quality assurance.


Hatenboer-Water delivers the pumps you need to keep the right pressure on the right place. From self priming pumps and frequency controlled centrifugal pumps to pumps for fire fighting up to complete hydrophore systems. Pumps can be executed in al kind of materials, like bronze, stainless steel or titanium. Supllied as stand alone or part of an integrated solution. We stock all brands of pumps, including parts to keep your pumps running at all times.

Silver ion steriliser

The silver ions prevent microbiological growth during storage of the fresh water in the fresh water tanks. Approved by MCA. The Hatenboer-Water HWSIS15D ionissation system is an easy-to-use, plug-and-play system.

Test kits

To ensure a constant quality of your drinking, process, product, waste or cooling water, Hatenboer-Water has various test kits and measuring devices available. As specialist in water treatment, we put together kits to ensure that you comply with regulations once you have a specific test kit on site or on board. MLC and NIPH are exemplary.

UV disinfection

Disinfection using ultraviolet (UV) light is a proven and sustainable method for killing pathogens and water infecting microorganisms. UV disinfection is chemical-free, environmentally friendly. Hatenboer-Water specialises in providing the optimal solutions for the toughest water disinfection challenges. Compact sized UV disinfection units, with low or medium pressure UV lamps, NIPH approved, inline designs or L-shaped. In many capacities.

Water Coolers

The Hatenboer-Water range of point of use water coolers (POU) connect directly to the water mains and instantly deliver cold or water at room temperature. The taste and flavour of the water can be further improved by applying filtering systems to remove sediment and chlorine. Solve many of the issues related to bottled water management (like supply, transportation, storage, disposal of empty bottles etc.). Safe water on the spot!

Water Softeners

Hatenboer-Water has a wide range of sustainable water softening systems that are designed to be cost effective. Various types, compact cabinet for small flows in simplex or duplex. Hardness of water is an important value. Hatenboer-Water can supply you also with easy to use, hand-held hardness testers.

Emergency kit

The Emergency Kit gives a solution to every major drinking water problem on board or site, wherever you may be:

  • Quickly create safe tapping points 
  • Prevent further infection
  • Legionella proof
  • Extensive testing package.

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We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Safety - SCC* certified for all our disciplines.