Good filtration is vital for a clean water supply to the end users. It is important to remove sand, grit, silt, rust and other impurities to protect the water system from contamination. It will also prevent damaging or clogging of water using equipment downstream what as a consequence saves a lot of maintenance. Not only for large water flows, but also for small scale applications Hatenboer-Water has the appropriate filter system. Filter housing of stainless steel or plastics are available. We stock a wide range of filter elements: 1 – 100 microns, surface and depth type, with or without activated carbon, any material and in various sizes. All brands available.

Filter Cartridges

Hatenboer-Water supplies different high efficiency filter cartridges for process and potable water applications. From superior melt blown sediment filters to wound depth type cartridges. Consisting of 100% first class polypropylene or containing activated carbon and everything in between. The selectivity ranges from 1 to 100 micron.

Cartridge filter housing

Hatenboer-Water supplies different cartridge filter housings for different applications. Filter housings that can be used for single point or in series, for small or more demanding large water flows. All housings are selected for their durability and all are easy to service. Material used varies from stainless steel 316L to durable plastics.

Filter media

The varying needs in different areas and for different raw water types helped Hatenboer-Water to compile a wide range of water treatment media. From activated carbon and anthracite to sand and gravel or mixed bed resins. The balanced range has been compiled during the years Hatenboer-Water assisted in assuring safe water on board. To remove suspended solids, to increase pH or to improve colour, taste and odour of your water. Depending on the purpose of the filtration, media as well as lifetime of chosen filter beds can vary.


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We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Safety - SCC* certified for all our disciplines.