Filter Cartridges

Hatenboer-Water supplies different high efficiency filter cartridges for process and potable water applications. From superior melt blown sediment filters to wound depth type cartridges. Consisting of 100% first class polypropylene or containing activated carbon and everything in between. The selectivity ranges from 1 to 100 micron.


seawater reverse osmosis membranes

High quality range of (Seawater) Reverse Osmosis Membranes in a variety of configurations, materials and sizes.


activated carbon / sediment filter elements

The HAC24870 filter element for unsurpassed filtration of your potable and process water applications.


carbon block filter elements

HWCB-filter series for dechlorination or decolourisation of your water.


HIS filter elements - point of use

Filter elements specially designed for the HIS filter housing. POU devices only treat water designated for a particular tap.


meltblown sediment filter elements

HWMB-filter series represent the latest development in nominal rated spun bonded filter cartridge design. Superior quality for membrane protection.


PA wounded sediment filter elements

100% polyamide, non toxic, no adhesives added, food grade quality filter cartridges for economical water filtration.


X100B filter bags

Heavy duty sediment filters with high working capacity for X100B filter housing.


Everpure precoat 'C' filter elements - POU

Reduction of chlorine taste and odour in cold water applications. Fits all Everpure filter heads.


Everpure Fibredyne carbon elements - POU Large flow

High capacity, extended-life filter offers submicron particulate reduction, cyst, chlorine taste and odour protection and more.


Everpure Microguard filter elements - POU

Superior chlorine taste and odour reduction for bottleless coolers and drinking fountains.


Everpure scale control combination elements

Features premium Fibredyne carbon filtration together with scale control.


Everpure Claris filter elements

Commonly used for hot (steaming) water applications


Everpure Claris Ultra filter elements

Adjustable elements commonly used for hot (steaming) water applications with large water flows.


T-Safe UF filters for galleys and showers

T-Safe UF showers are designed to prevent Legionella infections.

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We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Safety - SCC* certified for all our disciplines.