Fresh water generators

For your reliable potable water production on board! The Hatenboer-Water reverse osmosis seawater desalination systems are available in a wide range of capacities. In addition to our successful custom built systems, we have developed standard reverse osmosis water maker / fresh water generator series for the Maritime and Offshore market. These standard water maker ranges are available from stock, for rental or direct purchase orders. These standard units are designed in accordance with our high standards in quality and reliability, ensuring they will provide safe and reliable water for ship and crew under any circumstances. 


Reverse Osmosis Standard Series Proteus

The Proteus series covers a range of 36-100 m3 per day fresh water production and is intended for off shore installations, such as jack-up drilling rigs, semi subs, drill ships, pipe lay vessels, accommodations, etc. Design ABS assessed.


Reverse Osmosis Standard Series Oceanus

The Oceanus series covers a range of 8-24 m3 per day fresh water production and is intended for vessels with limited space for installation, such as tugs, support vessels, dredgers, etc.


Reverse Osmosis Standard Series Tethys

The Tethys series covers a range of 3-6 m3 per day fresh water production and is intended for vessels who need small capacity, such as unmanned platforms, short sea vessels, fishery ships, patrol boats, etc.


Reverse Osmosis Custom Built

The Reverse Osmosis custom built seawater desalination systems for a reliable potable water production on board, anywhere. Various configurations.


Hatenboer-Water Rental Fleet SWRO

A fleet of mobile sea water desalination and treatment systems in various configurations to help you to achieve key business goals. Ready-to-run.


Hatenboer-Water Containerised Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions in various configurations, plug and play to minimise installaton time.


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We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Safety - SCC* certified for all our disciplines.