drinking water cooler "River" wall mounted


The River drinking water cooler for direct and continuously chilled water is constructed of hygienic stainless steel (AISI316) material. The robust design makes the it highly suitable for operating in a maritime environment. The River is connected to the main waterline and the water is chilled directly making replacement of water bottles redundant, which results in considerable cost saving and reduction of logistics.


The River is available as a floor standing model, a wall mounted model (River UP) is optionally available. Both models can be supllied in heavy duty materials: galvanised steel plates covered stainless steel outer shell. The water coolers are equipped with two practical taps, a glass filler tap and a drinking fountain ("bubbler").

Key features

  • Continuously direct cooled water supply
  • Standard equipped with two practical taps
  • Floor standing model also available
  • Heavy duty model
  • Connections 230V/ 50-60Hz
  • Capacity 30 ltr per hour (125 glasses per hour)
  • Limiting bacterial proliferation and guaranteeing high hygiene standards
  • Simple and quick connected to the drinking water distribution system


On locations where the drinking water quality is discussable, the drinking water cooler can optionally equipped with the stainless steel HIS filter house and Supercarb filter element for superior drink water quality. This filter removes deposits, improves smell and taste and prevents bacterial growth.

Note for our maritime clients:

MLC 2006 states that (cooled) water must be freely accessible to everyone on board, Hatenboer-Water offers water coolers and filtration solutions that provide fresh water on the spot. All coolers can be connected directly to the water mains. It will also provide protection against contaminants. Furthermore we supply you with solutions to safeguard equipment that uses hot or cold water, like coffee machines and cooking equipment. 


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PDS HIS filter house - pdf 514 kB
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