Industrial water treatment

Hatenboer-Water has been a specialist in water treatment since 1906. Sometimes with custom-made solutions, but often too with top quality standard solutions. Exactly what is needed to achieve industrial process water of the correct quality. The technologies applied are always reliable in order to support your operational dependability in a sustainable manner. With an eye to the issues that might confront you, whether they relate to economic, technical operation or rules and regulations. Within the range of products supplied by Hatenboer-Water the focus is on membrane filtration and disinfection, in mobile configuration if necessary.


Hatenboer-Water specialises in the field of water disinfection. With our wide experience in the disinfection of water systems within critical processes we select the appropriate technology. We have our own range of UV disinfection systems. The Demitec® UV range covers a range of designs: low and medium pressure UV lines that are attuned to the industries in which they are applied. At Hatenboer-Water you can also find alternative technologies for combating legionella, such as copper/silver ionisation. For the periodic disinfection of pipework, and for the purification of your drinking water in foreign countries we recommend the use of Hadex®More information on disinfection.

Membrane filtration

Hatenboer-Water reverse osmosis (RO) systems can produce a range of different water qualities. Hatenboer-Water has specialised in membrane filtration, and in designing the systems takes into account the characteristics of your feed water and the requirements for your product water. Hatenboer-Water also takes care of the pre-treatment and after-treatment in order to comply completely with the increasingly strict requirements that are placed on your water. Worldwide there are more than two thousand Hatenboer-Water RO systems in operation.

Mobile membrane solutions

Containerised solutions offer great flexibility and easy installation for your water treatment system. Being specialists in water treatment and operating in many industries, Hatenboer-Water saw the need for a reliable water system that is quick to install and easy to operate. More information on various containerised solutions.



When you need a backup for your (process)water supply in the event of an emergency or of extensive maintenance outages to minimise plant downtime. Or when you need extra capacity for your seasonal peak in production demand; just some examples in which a mobile water supply unit can be the solution. Especially for these scenario’s, Hatenboer-Water has developed fully self contained mobile water makers.




Years of experience and innovative expertise characterise our versatility relating to the theme of water and technology.

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We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Safety - SCC* certified for all our disciplines.