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Worldwide Water Tests

Having your drinking water sampled and analysed provides you with the required information on a possible health risk on board. Hatenboer-Water provides worldwide sampling, analysis, quality reports and on board audits to assess the chemical, microbiological and physical condition of your water and therefore the health of your crew.

Quality Monitoring Programme

Hatenboer-Water offers a comprehensive water quality monitoring programme for your ship, vessel or rig. This enables you to monitor and audit the condition of the (drinking) water or the performance of your water treatment. Our team can provide assistance in testing, monitoring, and analysis, with a wide range of services including:
  • Planning and programming of the sampling exercise
  • Undertaking one-off, regular or seasonal sampling
  • Laboratory management
  • Sampling of drinking water and ballast water
  • Detailed scientific analysis and interpretive reporting
  • Liaison with statutory and regulatory bodies

Water tests

We offer several standard tests of your water, according to your needs. In addition to the following examinations, we also deal with specific requests for analysis and advice concerning (drinking) water:

  • Standard bacteriological examination

To test the general condition of the water we provide a standard bacteriological examination. This comprises of a analyses of the total bacteria count as well as a few common pathogenic organisms:

  • Total plate count at 37º C
  • Coliform bacteria at 37º C
  • E. coli (Escherichia) at 44º C 
  • Intestinal enterococci

This examination is required by the Dutch Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  • Legionella spp examination

Legionella can grow in stagnant and hot water, especially if the piping is polluted with biofilm. Unfortunately, these can be common situations on board. The health risks that Legionella bacteria can cause are very severe. Regular examination for Legionella’s on board can help identifying this risk in an early stage. To prevent Legionella all together by good water management, check our 'Water Management Plan' (RA&MP).

  • Physical-chemical examination

In a physical-chemical analysis, the drinking water is examined for several (in)organic parameters, such as salts and metals. The parameters of these analyses depend on the issue on board. Specific complaints such as abnormal odour, appearance or taste of the water, or calamities (diseases on board) determine the required analysis. The parameters for such testing are generally determined on a case-by-case basis in discussion with the client.

  • Chemical examinations (Hydrocarbons)

This is a specific analysis to determine the presence of a wide range of toxic volatile organic substances (for example solvents) in the (drinking) water. This analysis often follows after regular complaints about the taste and/or smell ('paint') of the drinking water. This can be the case after the coating of a drinking water tank has been renewed.


Our qualified samplers take your samples according to the current standards for water examination. Special sterilised laboratory bottles are being used. If for practical reasons this is not possible and the sampling has to be carried out by your own personnel, this can be done according to our written procedures for sampling using the appropriate laboratory bottles; these will be sent to your location on request.

Water Quality Service Contract

Please ask our Water Quality department for the advantages of our Water Quality Service Contract, in which reduced rates are applicable for sampling and analyses. Such contract offers certainty and convenience on the basis of a professional and expert approach. We can provide you with a total package, from sampling to clear (periodic) reporting.


Analyses are carried out in accordance with the international standards for water examination, following relevant accredited procedures.

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We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Safety - SCC* certified for all our disciplines.