Hatenboer-Water BV is a family owned international company that is active in the world of water. Each entity serves a different purpose. Home base is the Netherlands.


Providing water for seagoing shipping, offshore and industry in the entire area of the Port of Rotterdam. Per water barge or road tanker. Supplying drinking water, de-ionised water and cooling water with antifreeze, Hatenboer-Neptunus originates as far back as from 1906. Deionised water is also supplied in smaller quantities like IBC or cans.

Full service partner for all questions relating to water production and water treatment. Providing made-to-measure solutions and standard products, attuned to clients’ requirements. Completely self-engineered and ready for operation. Core business of Hatenboer-Water is to guarantee safe water on board of ships and offshore constructions by delivering the right equipment form the source to the taps. Extensive consultancy service in the form of water safety risk analyses, sampling, water analyses and training help the operators to secure a safe working environment for their employees. Supported by a worldwide operating technical service department that can assist you in commissioning, retrofits, midlife updates and upgrades all over the world.

In order to deliver integrated advice for new builds and retrofits but also for the supply of spare parts and consumables both quickly and directly to clients across Asia a fully stocked subsidiary is situated in Singapore. This underlines the company’s service provision to act as a full service player. It entails being involved at an early stage in the design of the water installation and management systems, the disinfection systems, the piping, the tap points, the water safety management plans, et cetera. Here you can also apply for services and water sampling.

In 2006 at the company’s 100th birthday, the acting CEO Peter Willem Hatenboer took the initiative to buy a small water factory in the vicinity of Mombasa, Kenya, because he strongly believes it is important to contribute to a more sustainable world. With this aid the Hatenboer organisation physically invested in the care for our planet. Dutch Water Ltd aims to produce healthy drinking water as cheap as possible and to sell it for the lowest possible price to the people. Nowadays the factory employs over a hundred local persons. Please visit the website for a full understanding of this initiative.

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  • serves customers since 1906

  • is family owned

  • provides water of the right
    quality worldwide

  • has all disciplines under one roof


  • think in solutions

  • have a strong focus on service and quality

  • strive continuously for innovations and improvement

Grand opening of Hatenboer-Water Asia


2012: The opening of the Singapore location with Dutch Ambassador.

We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Safety - SCC* certified for all our disciplines.