Alkaline membrane cleaning chemicals

HDC-ALK-002 is a general purpose alkaline membrane cleaner and has been approved for drinking water applications by various membrane manufactures. It is effective against most organic foulants typically found in reverse osmosis systems

HDC-ALK-002 is also effective against colloidal silica fouling and aluminum based foulants. HDC-ALK-002 has been approved for use in drinking water applications and for use by most membrane manufacturers.

Part number Description Dosage Packing
0920-HDALK02A HDC-ALK-002 Basic alkaline cleaner 2-3% 10 ltr/can (10 kg)
0920-HDALK02B HDC-ALK-002 Basic alkaline cleaner 2-3% 25 ltr/can (25 kg)
  • PDS Alkaline membrane cleaner

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Why use Alkaline membrane cleaning chemicals

  • Minimise scale and fouling
  • Extends membrane life
  • Minimise performance loss