Anti-pollution check valves EA

Water is distributed throughout the ship and is not only consumed by the crew, but also by water fed systems. Every time the water is used the risk of chemical/biological contamination of the complete system grows.

Kemper regulation valves, backflow preventers and venturi are a basic safeguard of your water system. All Kemper valves are provided with all necessary permits. All components underlie the strictest requirements, which can only be guaranteed through the greatest possible quality assurance.

NIPH classifications

The “NIPH Water Report 120-Safe, Sufficient and Good Potable Water Offshore” refers to the EN 1717. It classifies five water categories which describe the quality of the water that is present in different types of outlets and connected systems:

  • Category 1 is water for human consumption direct from the potable water system. 
  • Category 2 is water suitable for human consumption, but it is treated like heating or cooling (coffee maker, ice cube maker).

The higher the category, the higher the risks and the requested protection. The description of category 5 is a fluid, representing a health hazard to humans because of the presence of microbiological or viral pathogens of transmittable diseases (infection, mortal danger).


Kemper has valves and solutions for various categories. The most common protections are the EA and the BA-series. The EA (antipollution check valve) is allowed till category 2 and the BA (backflow preventer) till 4. EN 1717 has to be followed for correct installation. EA with valve and BA with cut-off valves and strainer.

Characteristics EA anti-pollution valves

  • All connections available
  • Shortest build in length
  • 4ms certified
  • Flyer Unmanned Platforms

    More information on automatic flushing and prevention of contamination on unmanned platforms (PDF - 2,4 MB)