Aquaculture water makers

Conditioning fish pond water by constantly refreshing pond water is a highly effective way of preventing and combating salmon lice and amoebic gill disease (AGD). Combined with its low energy use, it truly offers an environmentally friendly alternative for chemical treatments.

Reliable operation for remote areas 

Our complete and plug & play water desalination unit is designed for durable operation in remote areas. It is capable of producing high volumes of fresh purified water out of seawater. Ideal for use on well boats and feed stations.    

  • PDS Aquaculture Reverse Osmosis solutions

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  • PDS Mobile RO 2000

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Why choose our Aquaculture Reverse Osmosis solutions 

Why choose Hatenboer-Water 

We know your waters, and have done so for over a century. Rely on our specialist expertise, in-house engineering, design and our professional and modern assembly facilities for the highest quality standard in a solution that is exactly right for you.