Aquality water cooler

According to MLC regulations, a water cooler is mandatory. Crew onboard a vessel must be able to access cooled and safe water.    

The Aquality drinking water cooler belongs to the latest generation in its class. Fresh, clean and chilled water on the spot!

Superior drinking water quality     

Depending on the quality of the source water, a stainless steel HIS filter house and Supercarb filter can be added to the Aquality water cooler in order to remove impurities, prevent bacterial growth and improve smell and taste.

  • PDS Aquality water coolers

    Download our datasheet (PDF - 1,8 MB)


Why choose our Aquality water cooler?       

  • Continuous cooled water
  • Elegant floor model design
  • Internal cup reservoir
  • Capacities up to 22 litres per hour
  • High hygiene standards
  • Plug & play set up