Bottle filling station for maritime or office environments

Contact-free water dispensers, safe for you and safe for the planet. No more disposable plastic water bottles!

With our Bottle Filling Station you and your colleagues can drink fresh water contact-free, limiting the used contact points. It can be supplied with personalised water bottles, reducing the risk of transfer of contaminants even further. Our models include water stations for maritime environments or for schools, offices and business premises. They are equipped with high-grade Everpure filters, which improve water taste, colour and odour. Providing you with water that is even cleaner than the bottled variety!

Safe for you   

No contact = no contamination

Our hands-free drinking water stations are an example of the products we can offer you during these challenging times. Based on requests from our client base, we have assembled a package of measures to help keep you safe. However, please feel free to contact us for any advice on safety issues on board related to water and hygiene. Although drinking water is considered safe from the corona virus, there are still important measures concerning drinking water hygiene / overall hygiene we can support you with.

Maritime challenge: trust issues       

Perfectly clean potable water on board is often not consumed by the crew. Great effort has often been made to supply safe water on board, but crew feel they cannot rely on its safety due to its particular taste or odour. They usually prefer water from expensive plastic bottles of mineral water, adding great amounts of plastic waste to our environment. At Hatenboer-Water we learned that a set of small tools will help mitigate reluctance amongst crew. Next to dedicated drinking water training for the crew, we will provide you with infographics and explain what steps you make in a digital magazine. Please read more on our solution. If you are not operating in a maritime industry, you can make the difference quite easily by installing contact free water bottle filling stations.

Safe for the planet     

In all types of work environments, plastic bottles are constantly provided and consumed, which is not only an expensive and inefficient alternative but also seriously impacts our precious environment. Read more about our reusable maritime bottles, which can be ordered with the station or on their own. 

Reduce costs & handling; use available water sources     

Bottle fillings stations use water from your own water supply system, which is far less expensive than using disposable water bottles. Make the switch today to a better alternative and bring an immediate halt to the investment and handling of high volumes of water bottles. 

Technical specifications  

The station is wall mounted and equipped with an optical eye which activates the system in a hygienic manner. Freshly filtered and cooled water is supplied whenever a bottle is inserted. 

  • Chilling capacity of 8.0 GPH (gallons per hour) of 500F drinking water, based on 800F inlet water and 900F ambient, per ASHRAE 18 testing
  • Includes hands-free visual filter monitor, filtered, high efficiency Green TickerTM
  • Laminar flow
  • Antimicrobial
  • Real drain
  • Furnished with vandal resistant StreamSaverTM bubbler
  • Electronic bottle filler sensor with mechanical front bubbler button activation
  • Certified to UL399 and CAN / CSA C22.2 no. 120
  • Lead-free design which is certified to NSF/ANSI 60 & 372 (lead-free) and meets federal and state low lead requirements

Why buy our water bottle filling station

  • Efficient and inexpensive

  • Constantly cooled water

  • Always reliable and safe

  • Immediate cost reduction

  • Minimise environmental impact

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