Chlorinating tablets: TS90

AquaChlorine TS-90 is a high quality trichloroisocyanuric acid in 20 and 200 gram tablets, with an available active chlorine content of 85-90%. These tablets are suitable for disinfection/treatment of all types of water, but most particular for hard water due to it's neutral pH effect on the water. TS-90 tablet is mainly applied in the Maritime field for the treatment of waste water, sewage systems, sanitary systems and swimming pools.


For day to day operation under normal conditions a dosage of thirty 20 grams tablets or three 200 grams tablets per 100m3 is advised.

  • PDS Chlorination tablets TS 90

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Part number Description Size Packing
0900-TS90/20 Active chlorine tablets 20 gram Ø 32 mm 10 kg bucket
0900-TS90/200 Active chlorine tablets 200 gram Ø 78 mm 10 kg bucket

Why use TS90 chlorinating tablets?

  • Neutral pH- e ect on the treated water
  • Suitable for so and medium hard water
  • High chlorine content of 85-90%
  • Rapid bacteria elimination
  • Bacteria regrowth control
  • Very e ective and e cient