Chlorination tablets: TS70

AquaChlorine TS-70 is a high quality calcium hypochlorite in 20 gram tablet, with an available active chlorine content of 70%. These chlorination tablets are suitable for disinfection/treatment of soft and medium hard water. TS-70 is mainly applied in the maritime field for the treatment of waste water, sewage systems, sanitary systems and swimming pools.


One tablet contains 14 gram of active chlorine. A 20 gram tablet increases the chlorine content of 1 m3 water with 10 mg.

Part number Description Size Packing
0900-TS70/20 Active chlorine tablets 20 gram Ø 32 mm 10 kg bucket
  • PDS Chlorination tablets TS 70

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Why use TS70 chlorination tablets?

  • Suitable for soft and medium hard water
  • High chlorine content of 70%
  • Rapid bacteria elimination
  • Bacteria regrowth control
  • Applicable for all kind of sewage applications