Offshore test kit

Complete tekst kit, for NIPH and MLC compliance. Contains all supplies needed to properly collect a water sample for testing.

Test kit contents:

  • Free and Total Chlorine Hadex® digital photometer (0 - 10 ppm and 0 - 2 ppm)
  • pH digital meter
  • Digital conductivity meter 0 - 1999 μS/cm
  • Total hardness test kit
  • Digital thermometer


Analysis is only as good as the sample being tested. Various tests and/or analysis require samples taken from specific points in a tank or distribution system. The complete test kit is equipped with all necessary supplies needed to properly collect a water sample for testing. If in doubt or when you need extra hands, please contact our Water Quality department: for safe water on board. Read more about our Water quality services on the Water quality services pages.

NIPH/MLC regulations

Several associations and other bodies have drawn up guidelines for the drinking water quality in the maritime and offshore industry. This means that regular water quality checks are absolutely essential. Targeted water treatment is the only way to ensure that water quality is always maintained at a satisfactory level. The various tests included in this all-in-one kit help you to comply with the guidelines.

Part number Description
0500-000012 Complete Fresh Water Offshore Test Kit

Spare parts for test kit

Part number Parameters Description Packing
0525-DPD01POE Free Chlorine DPD no.1 powder reagents 0-2 ppm 100 pcs
0525-000028 Free Chlorine (high range) DPD no.1 tablets 0-10 ppm NIPH 100 pcs
0525-000029 Total Chlorine (high range) DPD no.3 tablets 0-10 ppm NIPH 100 pcs
0510-HWPH701 pH 7 Buffer solution, 500ml 1 pc
0510-HWPH101 pH 10.1 Buffer solution, 500ml 1 pc
0510-000007 Conductivity Calibration solution, 500 ml Range: 1413μS/cm 1 pc
0500-000011 Conductivity Meter (portable) Type: SD70 Range: 0 - 1999μS/cm Resolution: 1μS/cm 1 pc
0500-000050 pH Meter (handheld) Type: SD50 Range: 0 - 14 1 pc
0590-000008 Thermometer (folding probe) Type: Testo 104 Range: -50 - 250°C 1 pc
0525-197620 Cuvettes Glass vials, 10ml 12 pc
  • PDS Offshore test kit

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