Searching for an extra supply of industrial or drinking grade water? Designed for operation in challenging or remote areas, our containerised and fully automatic water treatment units are complete plug and play solutions.      

Mobile units can be placed in all kinds of surroundings, for example on deck or in remote areas. 

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  • Containerised

    Designed for operation in challenging or remote areas, our containerised units are fully automatic, complete and self-sufficient. They are sturdy enough to be placed on deck of maritime or offshore vessels and installations. With a rental or purchase agreement, as per your preference.

  • Explosion and shock proof design

    Explosion proof design: for placement of the water treatment installation outside safe areas on your rig or vessel (Zone 1 or 2). Shock proof design: continuous water production even in conditions of up to 20 G-force movements. Meets the relevant navy requirements.

  • Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership

    The energy consumption of the Reverse Osmosis unit is relatively low, maintenance is limited and can normally be performed by your crew. Combined with the relatively limited amount of post treatment, these factors result in a low Total Cost of Ownership for your desalination and water treatment equipment.

  • World wide support & service, on- and offshore

    Need assistance? Our offices in Rotterdam, Singapore, Dubai and Houston and globally operating support and consultancy professionals are happy to assist you with water quality issues, (pre) commissioning or re-commisioning, surveys, midlife updates and conservation or chemical cleaning advice. Rely on their extensive knowledge and experience; they are experienced in handling support issues in all kinds of environments. In addition, they can train and assist your crew at your site in order to help you achieve optimal operation and maintenance conditions. 

    Our international support and consultancy services related to water quality include water safety risk analyses, sampling, water analyses and training.

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Key specifications

  • Complete plug & play desalination unit

  • Reliable for remote areas

  • Low energy consumption

  • Unique opportunity: rental unit available from stock

    Due to the finalisation of a current pilot project, one of our top line rental units is coming back into stock soon, This presents a unique opportunity for you to buy this complete plug & play containerised water maker at a very short delivery time and an excellent price.

  • Available for order now

    Since rental or buying orders are expected to come in soon for this type of desalination system, make sure you get in touch with us quickly if this is the kind of water production facility that you are looking for.  

  • Quick delivery, great value for money

    These units are normally constructed as per your order, so this is a unique change for a very quick purchase of a most excellent, tried & field tested water treatment unit.

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