Cooling water test kits

Measuring and monitoring water treatment agents in cooling water systems and closed water systems is essential for maintaining output efficiency. Our cooling water test kits will help you ensure treatment agents are dosed properly and your water is safe.     

When water quality is less than optimal, serious problems can occur in your water system.

For example:

  • accumulation of scale, which leads to a reduction of heat transfer and blocked pipes
  • corrosion builds up and may cause leaks
  • biological activity increases and enables the growth of Legionella bacteria.

Water quality test kit     

With our cooling water test kits, you can easily monitor the correct dosages of water treatment agents and react immediately whenever it is necessary. Using the test equipment in this Cooling Water Test Kit, crew can monitor dosage of treatments such as corrosion and scale inhibitors and make sure it is sufficient.


Our cooling water test kit contains all equipment and test reagents for everyday cooling water testing, optimising treatments and monitoring critical control parameters. It is based on a tablet count method and colour comparator chemistry. The test kit has a robust case and includes testing instructions.


Parameters Description Range Packing
Nitrate Tablets no. 2 70 - 1500 mg 250 pcs
Nitrate Sample conditioning tablets no. 1 - 100 pcs
Chloride Tablets * 250 pcs
pH Test Strips 7.0 - 14.0 100 pcs
pH Colour Indicator Card 7.0 - 14.0 1 pc
Sample Tube 100 ml      
Sample Tube 30 ml      
Stirring Rod      
Sample Lock 20 ml      
* Range Sample Size mg/l Cl (mg/l NaCl) Sample Size
  0 - 100 0 - 160 100 ml
  0 - 200 0 - 320 50 ml
  0 - 1000 0 - 1600 10 ml
  0 - 5000 0 - 8000 2 ml
Part number Description Parameters Size
      L x W x H (cm)
0500-000060 Cooling Water Test Kit Nitrate, Chloride, pH 27,5 x 8 x 23

Spare parts

Part number Parameter Description Packing
0525-000057 Nitrate no. 1 Sample conditioning tablets no. 1 100 pcs
0525-000056 Nitrate no. 2 Tablets 250 pcs
0525-000055 Chloride Tablets 250 pcs
0525-000014 pH Test Strips 7.0 - 14.0 100 pcs
  • PDS Cooling water test kit

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