Copper Silver ionisation

Copper and silver ionisation is an ancient disinfection method, which has been used for drinking water disinfection for centuries. Using copper and silver ionisation for disinfection water treatment is a safe and highly effective water treatment, particularly suitable for the disinfection of rather complex and extensive water distribution systems.

Copper silver ionisation for Legionella prevention  

Use copper silver ionisation or silver copper ionisation water treatment in order to combat recurring Legionella problems or to clean heavily corroded and contaminated piping on board. Prevent outbreaks of potentially dangerous Legionella bacteria and ensuing downtime by staying on top of water quality and safety,

Advanced disinfection water treatment technology 

The ancient method of using copper and silver metals for water disinfection has been applied in highly modern water treatment products. The Liquitech ionisation range for example, uses positively charged copper and silver ions that form electrostatic bonds with negatively charged cells of micro-organisms, effectively killing them.

Dosing rate control keeps ion levels stable. It ensures long lasting residual protection and prevents recontamination. Contact our copper and silver ionisation specialists to find out more.  

  • Brochure Safe Water On Board

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  • PDS Copper/silver ionisation

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Why use Liquitech copper/silver ionisation 

  • Effective in hot & cold water
  • Flow proportional dosing
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Complete wall panel available
  • Comply with rules & regulations
  • Combine with any kind of RO water maker


Apart from regular requirements and audits, our Liquitech equipment complies with: 

  • NIPH (Norway)
  • EPA
  • CTGB