GammaLine UV

Need to find economically priced UV water treatment equipment, as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional disinfectants? Keep your drinking water safe from potentially dangerous pathogens using our low cost, high quality and single sterilisation lamp UV GammaLine series. 

Flexible installation and configuration 

The Ultra Violet steriliser unit can be installed either vertically or horizontally. The design is kept as simple as possible, so no tools are required to remove the lamp or quartz sleeve. The low pressure UV lamp technology is available in different power configurations for flow varieties. 

  • Brochure Demitec UV Disinfection

    Download brochure (PDF - 3,5 MB)

  • PDS Demitec Gammaline UV GS110

    Download datasheet (PDF - 1,6 MB)

  • PDS Demitec Gammaline UV GS115

    Download datasheet (PDS - 950 KB)



Our Demitec UV disinfection equipment complies with: 

  • NIPH (Norway)

Why use Demitec UV sterilisation 

  • Chemical free, ecologically safe
  • A UV monitoring sensor can be added
  • Highly effective disinfection
  • No tools required for maintenance
  • Easy installation