Drinking water chlorine

Chlorinating your drinking water in a safe and healthy manner is a proven method of drinking water disinfection. Our drinking water chlorine product line Hadex is a food-grade agent and approved as a continuous disinfectant of drinking water. 

Chlorination of drinking water    

Due to its overall effectiveness, Hadex disinfects tanks, pipelines and all water feed equipment. Since it is a liquid product that mixes quickly and easily with water, drinking water chlorine can simply be added through the filling pipe or tank opening. Due to its pure and stable consistency, drinking water chlorine can be dosed accurately and quickly. Hadex starts disinfecting immediately, and your drinking water will be ready for consumption after a short period of only 30 minutes (for a regular dosing). Keeping you, your crew and passengers safe and healthy. 

Dosing drinking water chlorine: manually or automatic        

For regular use, standard dosing can be normal (regular use) or extra dosage (slightly polluted drinking water), or in case of severely polluted or infected drinking water; shock treatment dosage. Should you be in doubt as to which chlorine dosage you require, please consult our professionals for their expert advice about drinking water chlorine. 

Automatic dosing units are also available, which can be tailored to your specifications. The fully automatic flow of our controlled dosing units are available for 10 and 25 litre Hadex cans. For larger flows, electromagnetic flow meters are available as well, designed without any moving parts. Contact our Hadex experts for advice on which dosing option would best suit your situation. 

Test kits  

With our test kits, you can measure the amount of active Hadex in the water yourself. Our digital test kit contains tools for accurate measurement of free chlorine values, our manual Checkit testkit measures the active disinfectant still resident in your drinking water supply.  

Download documentation about our water disinfection solutions

  • Brochure Hadex Drinking Water Disinfectant

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  • PDS Chlorination tablets TS 70

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  • PDS Chlorination tablets TS 90

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  • PDS Hadex dosing unit

    Download our datasheet (PDF 328 KB)

  • PDS Hadex digital test kit

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  • PDS Hadex manual test kit

    Download our datasheet (PDF - 1,7 MB)


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