Eco friendly antiscalant

HDC-ASI-ECO is an antiscalant based on biopolymers and is for use in RO membrane systems. This product is an all-organic type and based on biodegradable compounds. HDC-ASI-ECO disperses inorganic deposits to guarantee an optimal water flow.

Based on OECD-testing, the HDC-ASI-ECO can be classified as inherently biodegradable (20-60%). HDC-ASI-ECO conforms to the requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 60 - Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals - Health Effects.

Part number Description Dosage Packing
0920-HDASI01B/ECO1 HDC-ASI-ECO1 Biodegradable anti scalant 1,5- 5 gram per m3 20 ltr/can (20 kg)
0920-HDASI02B/ECO2 HDC-ASI-ECO2 Biodegradable anti scalant 4 - 10 gram per m3 20 ltr/can (20 kg)
  • PDS Eco friendly antiscalant

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Material data sheet available upon request.


Why use our eco friendly antiscalant

  • Bio degradable antiscalant for reverse osmosis
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Non-hazardous product