Emergency water production

Safe water when you need it urgently! In hazardous times of natural disasters, safe drinking water is a scarce commodity. However, it is essential for keeping locals and relief workers safe from diseases such as diarrhoea, influenza or even epidemics.

Fast emergency or disaster relief water supply

Our emergency water supply unit creates clean, healthy and safe water by filtration and desalination out of brackish or salt feed water. Being completely automatic, our emergency water purification unit is a plug and play solution which can quickly be deployed and put into operation for emergency water supplies for hospitals, laboratories, field hospitals in remote locations or on islands.

  • PDS Mobile Emergency Water Makers

    Download datasheet (PDF - 5,9 MB)

  • Brochure mobile solutions

    Download our brochure (PDF - 5,8 MB)

  • Brochure RO installations

    Download our Reverse Osmosis brochure (PDF - 707 KB)


Why choose our emergency water makers 

  • Complete plug & play water maker
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Durable and safe
  • Heavy duty design in container
  • Tried & tested in the fishing industry
  • Low energy consumption

Why choose Hatenboer-Water 

We know your waters, and have done so for over a century. Rely on our specialist expertise, in-house engineering, design and our professional and modern assembly facilities for the highest quality standard in a solution that is exactly right for you.