Discovery: Astonishing Amount of Plastic in Bottled Water

Recent research, published by CNN, has revealed shocking facts about the immense amount of plastic in bottled water. What’s surprising? These products contain as much as 10 to 100 times more plastic particles than previously thought. And the majority of them are so small that they cannot even be seen under a microscope.

At Hatenboer-Water, we are committed to reducing plastic and ensuring safe water on board. With our innovative Plastic Free@Sea and Safe Water On Board concept, we provide a solution for the maritime and offshore industry. We focus on reducing plastic pollution in seas and oceans by offering sustainable alternatives to single use plastic products and packaging.

Our concept is not only practical and economical for vessel operators but also contributes to global reduction of plastic pollution and protects our oceans for future generations. Want to learn more? Check out our page on our Plastic Free@Sea Concept

Curious about the entire article from CNN? Read more! 

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