Everpure filters: Claris Ultra

Adjust carbonate hardness levels in your water to an extremely precise level with the ion selective range of Everpure Claris Ultra filters.     

The ultra-precise adjustment of carbonate hardness settings are made possible by a valve technology called Duoblend™ bypass, which has been used in the design of these filters. An added sequestering agent allows more blended water to pass through the DUOBLEND bypass, putting less stress on the resin and thus reducing its wear. Due to this feature, Everpure Claris Ultra filters offer you more precise carbon hardness control in comparison to regular Claris filters.


In the Everpure Ultra filtration process, an extra filtration step is added. Partial hydrogen softening and sequestering anions are combined in order to stabilise the water's mineral content for optimal prevention of lime scale. The resulting water has a balanced alkalinity and mineral composition with stable and close-to-neutral pH values. Everpure Ultra is therefore an ideal filtration method for steam ovens with an integrated boiler.

5-stage Claris filtration process  

  1. Pre-filtration at the entrance of the cartridge removes coarse particles
  2. Carbonate hardness reduction by ion exchange process
  3. Fine filtration
  4. Highly efficient carbon block removes harmful contaminants as well as unpleasant tastes and odours
  5. Solid membrane filter removes particles down to 5 μm; optimal equipment protection

Why use Everpure Claris Ultra filters   

  • Ion Exchange
  • Filter combines water conditioning/softening
  • Scale control to ensure long service life of machines
  • Carbonate hardness adjustment
  • Capacities: 1,700 up to 20,000 ltr 

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