Everpure filters: Claris

Adjust carbonate hardness levels in your water with the ion selective range of Everpure Claris filters. The Duoblend™ bypass valve technology in these filters allows for precise adjustment of carbonate hardness.


The Everpure Claris filter range is mostly used for steam generating appliances such as combi-steamers and coffee machines. Claris Xl is an excellent scale prevention option for coffee/tea/espresso brewing as well as low volume, boilerless steam ovens.

5-stage Claris filtration process    

  1. Pre-filtration at the cartridge entrance removes coarse particles
  2. Reduced carbonate hardness due to ion exchange process
  3. Fine filtration
  4. Highly efficient carbon block removes harmful contaminants as well as unpleasant tastes and odours
  5. Solid membrane filter removes particles down to 5 μm for optimal equipment protection

Why use Everpure Claris filters   

  • Ion Exchange
  • Combined water conditioning and softening
  • Scale control ensures long service life of machines
  • Carbonate hardness adjustment
  • Capacities: 1,700 up to 13,200 ltr ('size' S - XXL)

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