Freshwater test kit

Test your water regularly in order to ensure a constant and safe quality. We have composed drinking water test kits that are easy to use and can last in maritime conditions, including our own brand measuring devices and checking tools.  

Water quality analysis test kits: MLC & NIPH   

Ensure your compliance with health and safety regulations by regularly using your test kit in order to check your drinking water quality. Not sure whether your situation complies with the required regulatory standard? Check with our water quality consultants; they are experienced and knowledgeable and will advise you on the materials and treatment you need.  

Drinking water test kits for different application types and situations    

Drinking water quality analysis in an easy and user friendly package. Our sturdy freshwater test kits are properly fitted out in order to withstand the elements, and come with easy to use implements for your safety. Suitable for different types of applications, our range of drinking water test kits include freshwater test kits, Hadex test kits, Sewage effluent test kits, boiler water test kits, cooling water test kits and a set of measuring devices

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Download documentation about our water quality test kits

  • PDS Complete maritime test kit

    Download our datasheet (PDF - 1,7 MB)

  • PDS Cooling water test kit

    Download our datasheet (PDF - 2,2 MB)

  • Hadex Checkit Manual Test Kit

    Download our datasheet (PDF)

  • Hadex Digital Test Kit

    Download our data sheet (PDF)

  • PDS Basic sewage water testkit

    Download our PDS (PDF - 1,5 MB)