Grundfos water pumps

Well known for their high quality, Grundfos pumps are reliable and robust water pump solutions for your engine room, general services and utilities.

The Grundfos maritime range is extensive. It includes robust water pump systems and water pressure systems for boosting, A/C or cooling, hot water circulation pumps for heating water as well as pumps for fuel oil, lube oil, oily bilge and sludge. All Grundfos pumps and systems can be adapted to meet individual customer requirements.     

Innovation in energy efficient pumps    

Grundfos is a highly innovative brand when it comes to energy-efficient marine water pumps. The cutting-edge technology used in Grundfos water pumps reduces the energy consumption for engine cooling by as much as 50%. This is possible due to automatic speed adjustment of the Grundfos water pump according to changes in seawater temperature and/or engine load. Since approximately 90% of the operational cost of a marine water pump comes from energy consumption, this results in a significant reduction of life cycle costs.

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Why choose one of our Grundfos pump systems:

  • Grundfos marine water pumps are robust and reliable

  • Grundfos marine water pumps are energy efficient

  • Grundfos marine water pumps can be customised to meet your requirements

  • Grundfos marine water pumps are highly resistant to corrosion