Hadex manual test kit

Manually check Hadex chlorine levels in your drinking water with our test kit

Our Hadex® Checkit is a compact, colourimetric chlorine level test kit, with different colour scales. Perfect for easy, quick and comprehensive analysis of the chlorination levens in your drinking water. Easy to use, highly accurate. 

Fast and reliable

Checking the colour coding on the scales, you can quickly assess whether the dosing of Hadex® in your drinking water needs to be adjusted. The reagent tablets have a minimum guaranteed shelf life of 5/10 years. 

  • Brochure Hadex Drinking Water Disinfectant

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  • Hadex Checkit Manual Test Kit

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Why use our Hadex® test kit

  • Quick and highly precise
  • Colours indicate chlorine level
  • Easy and exact reagent dosing
  • Contains 30 tests
  • Long life reagent tablets