Hadex Pricing

On this page you can find the pricelist voor Hadex© and Hadex related products, with which we hope to make your ordering process as efficiently as possible.

In the pricelist, you will find options for Hadex© disinfection, testkits and strips as well as dosing units (HDU). These prices are valid until the 31st of December 2020. 

Download now (XLS - 60 kB)

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Do you have a question about the use of Hadex® or its shelf life, dosage etcetera? You'll find most commonly asked questions and the answers for them on our our Frequently Asked Questions page. 

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  • Hadex Pricelist 2020

    Download the Hadex pricelist for 2020 (PDF - 158 kB)

  • Brochure Hadex Drinking Water Disinfectant

    Download our brochure (PDF)

  • Brochure Water Management on board

    Download our brochure (PDF - 7,9 MB)


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You can always contact us in case you want to receive more updates of prices of other product categories like filters, membranes or UV disinfection lamps. 

Hadex Approvals

  • Austria | BMLFUW

  • Belgium | FOD 9006B

  • Denmark | Danish Working Environment Authority

  • Germany | Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung N-69753

  • Norway | Norwegian Food Safety Authority

  • The Netherlands | CTGB 9574-N

  • United Kingdom | Health and Safety Executive

Hadex© is a registered trademark of Hatenboer-Water.