HWSIS15 Silver ionisation

Whenever you need an easy to use, plug and play disinfection treatment for a water capacity of up to 15 m3 / hour, HWSIS ionisation is a perfect option. The HWSIS silver ions are safe for animals and humans and do not affect smell, taste, pH and colour of water and prevent micro bacteriological accumulation in stored water.

Most advanced disinfection technology 

Silver was used even in Roman times for its bacteriostatic effect, and is nowadays used as a  modern disinfection technology. Proper and accurate dosing of the silver ions is controlled by an advanced micro processor, via a user friendly interface. 

    Why use HWSIS silver ionisation 

    • Effective in hot & cold water
    • Long lasting effect
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Complete wall panel available
    • Comply with rules & regulations


    Apart from regular requirements and audits, our HWSIS equipment complies with: 

    • MCA