Hydrophore system

Loss of pressure or insufficient pressure at certain places in your fresh water supply on board is unpleasant and inefficient. It can even cause serious problems for your galley equipment or industrial appliances. Fortunately, using the right kind of hydrophore system will prevent such unwelcome situations.

Add our hydrophore system to your onboard supply of drinking water for optimal pressure and performance of your water system and its tap points.   

Hydrophore systems in ships    

Hydrophore systems provide water with the required pressure on your ship from the engine room to the bridge and from all cabins to the safety connections on all decks. Distributing water evenly from its source all the way to all user points.

Configurations of fresh water hydrophore systems     

The configuration of hydrophore system skids can be tailored to your requirements. Options for additional equipment for hydrophore systems include high quality tanks, automatic control switches, a pressure gauge, a pressure relief valve and all necessary valves, manifold and piping.  

Automatic pump changeover is provided as a standard. It will take into account load, time and fault in all systems. All pumps in operation will run at equal speed in order to run identically. 

Increase efficiency, reduce environmental footprint       

Pressure controlled systems or frequency controlled systems are highly convenient options, which save on energy and related expenses.
A frequency controlled hydrophore is particularly energy efficient, since it adjusts the required pressure to the demand. 



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Hydrophore systems documentation

  • PDS Expansion vessel

    Download our data sheet (PDF, 1.6 MB)

  • PDS Conventional membrane tanks

    Download datasheet (PDF - 1,2 MB)