Legionella test kit

Protect crew and passengers from potential outbreaks! Check Legionella pneumophila count in drinking water with our on-site Legionella test kit. Fast results; within 48 hours.

Can you be sure your drinking water supply is Legionella free? Check the Legionella pneumophila count in your drinking water on site with our Legionella test kits and make sure it is safe for use in showers and hot water systems. Protect crew and passengers from potential Legionella outbreaks! Contrary to other Legionella test kits, our test kits do not measure Legionella which naturally resides in water but identifies specifically the harmful variety Legionella pneumophila that causes Legionellosis.      

Complete Legionella test kit     

Complete test kit for fast and simple monitoring of Legionella pneumophila presence in water. It is the only testing solution on the market for exclusively detecting culturable Legionella pneumophila of all sero groups within 48 hours. This makes it the most advanced and reliable alternative to the standard culture method.

Designed to last  

Water proof design for durable use. The test kit includes all required components for carrying out Legionella analyses as well as a quick guide to help you perform the verification steps. Should you need to replace one of the analysis components, then please check the spare parts list below and get in touch with our trade department.

Single or multiple use test kit

The fast Legionella detection kits are available in two different editions, for use in either a lab or in the field: 

  • Multiple use test kit. A fast and innovative detection method for several water points. 
  • Single use test kit. Compact and economical set for one test of a single water point.

Consumables and reagents test kit 

In addition to the single or multiple use test kit, you need to order the consumables & reagents kit, which contains all required powders, chemicals and vials for performing Legionella checks with our test kits.

Sampling services or advice

Need assistance? If in doubt or when you need our expertise on site, please contact our Water Quality department: analysis@hatenboer-water.com for safe water on board. Read more about our water quality services on the Water quality services pages.

Part number Description
0590 000104 Multiple use Legionella test kit for up to 6 tests simultaneously
0590 000103 Single use Legionella test kit
0590 000102 Consumables field kit (kit containing tools and reagents for one test)

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Documentation on EZ Legionella test kits

  • Flyer EZ Legionella test kits

    Download our EZ Legionella test kits flyer (PDF - 584 KB)

  • PDS EZ Legionella test kits

    Download our technical data sheet (PDF - 226 KB)


Learn more: water quality issues

  • Which water testing options are available (Ship Sanitation – WHO)?

    Does one of our standard test options suffice or do you need a bacteriological examination? Water testing is required by the Ship Sanitation guidelines of the WHO, but in different regions you may need to comply with additional drinking water related regulations. Unsure about compliance issues for specific regions? Our experienced consultants are happy to advise you accordingly.   

    In addition to an analysis of the different bacteria resident in the water, we can identify bacteria such as Coliform, E.coli or intestinal enterococci and make sure everything is properly documented for you.

  • Is additional sampling required for my region?

    Our drinking water sampling consultants operate around the globe, using the Ship Sanitation guidelines (WHO) as a standard. However, certain maritime regions require additional tests. 

    Unsure about compliance issues for specific regions? Our experienced consultants are happy to advise you about water disinfection.

  • Potable water manuals - WHO required!

    All relevant data in one clear overview? In our potable water manual, we will assemble all relevant data for you, so you will always be able to quickly consult the right kind of documentation. It includes procedures for planning, preparing and performing your water related procedures. Potable water manuals are required to be present and in use on your vessel according to the Ship Sanitation guidelines of the World Health Organisation. 

  • Is it possible to order sampling and analysis duties for my drinking water supply?

    Hatenboer-Water samples water on a large scale on board ships and in ports so that you comply with the regulations. For information about this service, please contact the Water Quality department on +31 (0)10 409 12 00 or visit the dedicated web page.

  • Our water quality service contract

    Should you wish for us to constantly monitor your water quality and provide you with all required reports and analysis paperwork, then please check out the advantages of signing up for our water quality service contract. It offers reduced rates for sampling and analysis services. Contact us to find our more!