Maritime bottles

No more plastic bottles on board! 

Use a drinking station for filtered and fresh water, and provide a sturdy reusable maritime bottle to each crew member. Customisable in your own colors and with your own logo, if required. For use with our contact free Bottle Filling Stations, water coolers or just order your own corporate bottles separately.

Early adopters of bottle filling stations

You might also be interested in our concept called Plastic Free @Sea with which you can calculate your savings or see the tools we can offer you to convince your crew that the water is safe to drink. Many clients are opting for introducing the contact free water bottle filling stations. One of them is for example our client Wagenborg. ALP chose also for a bottle filling station in order to make their contribution to the global reduction of plastic litter. You can read both stories on our news pages how these organisations want to choose the right alternative for plastic bottles.