Maritime sewage effluent test kit

Our standard sewage effluent test kit for maritime environments enables you to easily and regularly monitor sewage effluent quality. 

Characteristics of our sewage effluent test kit

Each of the tests can be performed without the use of complicated equipment. The test kit helps to maintain optimum operating conditions, minimum downtime and reducing costs.

Test kit contents:

The kit casing is robust. Its contents include the applicable reagents, buffer solutions, measuring devices etc. It comes with an instruction manual as well as log sheets.

Description Range Packing
pH 4.0 - 10.0 100 tablets
Free Chlorine (High range) 0 - 300 mg/l 9PPMO 100 tablets DPS 3
Free + Total (Low range) 0 - 1 mg/l  
Permanganate value    
TSS (Turbidity and Suspended Solids) Comporator    
Part number Description Parameters Size
      L x W x H (cm)
0500-000027 Standard Sewage Effluent Kit Permanganate, pH, chlorine, TSS, BOD/COD/TOC, temperature 53,5 x 36 x 13

Spare parts

Part number Parameters Description Packing
0525-000005 pH tablets Range 4.0 - 10.0 100 pcs
0525-DPD01RAP Free and Total Chlorine (low range) DPD no.1 rapid tablets 100 pcs
0525-DPD03RAP Free Chlorine (high range) DPD no.3 rapid tablets 100 pcs
0525-000049 Free and Total Chlorine Buffer solution 65 ml (high and low range) 1 pc
0525-000047 Permanganate value Tablets 200 pcs
0525-000046 Permanganate value Acidifying SE Tablets 100 pcs
0525-000037 Colour disc Chlorine Range 0 - 1 mg/l 1 pcs
0525-000058 Colour disc pH Range 4.0 - 10.0 1 pcs
  • PDS Maritime sewage effluent test kit

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