Membrane filtration water treatment

For a non-rainfall dependent and cost effective supply of fresh water, membranes can be used to remove salts and minerals from source water. Highly efficient in their filtration process, our membranes are reliable and durable in all kinds of operational environments. 


Hydranautics designs and makes membranes for the production of potable water, boiler feed water, industrial process water, residential water, agricultural irrigation and pharmaceuticals.

We stock: SWC4+, SWC4 MAX, SWC5 (optimal flow and rejection), SWC5 MAX, SWC5-LD
(low biological and colloidal fouling), SWC6 (high flow) and SWC6 MAX membranes.

Dow Filmtec

Filmtec membranes from Dow apply a pressure-driven separation processes. This is achieved by means of a semi-permeable membrane and the principles of cross-flow filtration.

We stock: SW30-4040 Commercial seawater RO membranes


Toray membranes can be used in multiple membrane installations for treatment of seawater, municipal, industrial or process water as well as commercial applications.

We stock: TM8020-400 and TMG10 membranes.

Other brands are available as per your request. Mail your inquiry to our Sales department or visit our Contact page for our complete contact details. In terms of technical support, our Service Engineers can assist you with membrane replacement, upgrade and so on at your site. You will find our technical support options on the Technical support services pages.

Why use a membrane filter or an RO membrane

  • Robust and energy efficient
  • 99.8% nominal rejection
  • Highest combination flow, rejection and boron rejection
  • Great value for money