Hadex in Central / South China: Hipson


We are happy to announce our Chinese agent Hipson recently completed all official arrangements for stocking Hadex, in addition to storing our regular parts and components.       

Hipson has been our trusted project partner for many years and has now expanded their Hatenboer-Water product portfolio with our drinking water disinfectant. This enables Hipson to provide even more support to our world wide clients, further strengthening our partnership.       

For more information on ordering spares and Hadex from Hipson, please contact them directly: 

HIPSON Marine (China) Ltd.

West, #13 Building No. 300

Shuang Qiao Road 200129

Shanghai China

T +86 21 3382 0950/60-105  

E info@hipson.biz


Hadex disinfectant    

Hadex® drinking water disinfectant keeps drinking water and water supply systems clean, including all tanks, pipelines and water fed equipment. It is a sodium hypochlorite based, safe, effective and continuous disinfectant for drinking water. Easy to use; the disinfection process starts immediately and your drinking water is ready for consumption after half an hour (regular dosing). 

Read more about Hadex on the dedicated Hadex product page, which contains downloads such as technical data sheets.