Damen / MATV MV Sycamore order


Damen / MATV Sycamore

Damen Shipyards commissioned Hatenboer-Water to supply a potable water production plant, a potable water hydrophore and treatment module and firefighting hydrophore unit for their MV Sycamore vessel. The Sycamore is a Multi-role Aviation Training Vessel (MATV), which operates for both commercial and military purposes.

The complete yet compact RO installation is a standard Hatenboer-Water unit which fits easily into Damens sleek and modern vessel design. Its “plug & play” installation set up enables quick and easy implementation. The potable water hydrophore and treatment equipment is custom built according to Damen’s requirements. This particular unit ensures the drinking water produced onboard remain in a healthy and safe condition during long sea journeys.

Not only for drinking water   

In addition to the drinking water units, Hatenboer-Water designed and produced a custom-made Fire Fighting hydrophore as part of this project. The hydrophore ensures the required pressure of the onboard firefighting system is maintained.

MV Sycamore   

The MV Sycamore has been designed and constructed by Damen Shipyards. The vessel recently arrived in Sydney after her maiden voyage. Her first assignment will be to the Royal Australian Navy.