Envaqua Award for Willem Buijs


We are proud to announce our CEO Willem Buijs is the recipient of the ENVAQUA Award for water technology professionals.       

He’s also been granted an Honorary Membership of the Environmental & Water Technology Association for his contribution to the Dutch water technology sector. Willem remains an active member of the @Topteam Water & Maritime, the governmental platform for bringing together governmental policy makers, the industry and sciences.

Willem Buijs & ENVAQUA      

Starting out in Envaqua (‘Aqua Nederland’ in those days) as a member of the Public Relations team, Willem contributed his water treatment knowledge and experience to setting up national branding plans for the water industry. A few years later, he took up the role of the group’s chairman. One of the projects the Public Relations team carried out during those days under the guidance of Willem Buijs, Peter van ‘t Sant and Henk van Dongen, is the realisation of a completely new venue, aimed at presenting the Dutch innovators and technological developments in the water treatment sector. This resulted in 2007 in a successful event called the Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs. After a few editions, the event developed into a recognised trade show.

Willem finished his second term as Chairman in 2008, and subsequently took up the position of Treasurer. He remained a member of the Envaqua board till this year. Since 2012, he is a representative of Dutch small and medium sized enterprises in the ‘Topteam Water & Maritiem’ business platform.