Fresh water production for fishery vessels


Consistent 24/7 safe fresh water production onboard your fishery vessel     

anywhere, any time - without using the main engine - even when anchored     

Three 2020/2021 newbuild Belgian fishery vessels constructed at Padmos Stellendam shipyard (two ships) and Hoekman Shipbuilding in Urk (one ship) are to be equipped with our standard reverse osmosis (RO) water makers. The chosen RO’s are part of the Hatenboer-Water Tethys series with freshwater production capacities of 3-6m³/day.

All vessels are designed to be highly innovative, with minimal fuel consumption and maximum crew safety. Sustainability is a key priority and 24/7 availability of fresh water onboard is essential for the fish production and the crew’s well being.

Why a standard watermaker?    

Our standard RO water makers are available from the shelf and can therefore be delivered very quickly. The RO’s have minimal power consumption and deliver 24/7 water of potable quality. Only basic maintenance is required. Combined, these parameters convinced Padmos Stellendam and Hoekman Shipbuilding in their choice for Hatenboer-Water watermakers for their Belgian clients. 

We are honoured and grateful for Padmos and Hoekman’s choice and wish the Belgian fishermen many safe voyages to come!

Find out more about Tethys watermakers      

Standard Reverse Osmosis watermaker ‘Tethys:

  • Dimensions: 1266 x 635 x 840 
  • Operational weight: 165 kg
  • Recovery 6 m3/day

Go to the Tethys poroduct page for more technical specs and information