Hatenboer-Water equipment for Quooker demonstration unit


In keeping with the high standard in their kitchen appliances, Quooker does not compromise when it comes to drinking water. The internationally renowned producer of boiling water taps chooses Hatenboer-Water equipment for their mobile demonstration units used throughout Europe.

Given the prominent image of their product and brand, Quooker wants to ensure their demonstration taps will produce clear and properly pressurised water. No small challenge, given the enormous variations in water quality and pressure in European countries. Taking into account these requirements, Hatenboer-Water engineered a set of mobile water units especially for this purpose.

Quooker spokesperson Stefan Mesker: “Great to work with a partner that understands our requirements and has the flexibility and innovative engineering skills to come up with a solution engineered exactly according to our wishes. We have used both units at European trade shows by now and they have performed perfectly.”