Hatenboer-Water opens office in Dubai


Following an increase in business developments within the Middle East & Northern African regions, Hatenboer-Water has decided to establish an office in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This initiative is in line with current maritime developments in the UAE and in particular the prominent role Dubai is taking up within the international maritime industry. 

Managing Director: Anas Edacherry   

Heading up our Dubai office is maritime professional Anas Edacherry. With his many years of experience in water treatment projects in the Northern African and Middle Eastern regions, he is a prominent expert in regional water conditions and challenges. 

Regional ambitions

CCO Guy Heijnen: “Our mission regarding the Middle Eastern water market is certainly not limited to maritime projects. We are supporting clients with water issues ranging from horticultural and agricultural solution as well as off- and onshore projects”. 

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