Water treatment modules for Havyard


Havyard has placed an order with Hatenboer-Water for water treatment equipment for two fishing trawlers currently undergoing modernisation works at the Norwegian shipyard.

The order consists of 2 reverse osmosis type fresh water generators.    

Fresh water production at sea    

Fresh and safe drinking water onboard is provided by a desalination process. The fresh water generators used for this project are based on Hatenboer-Water’s Oceanus reverse osmosis (RO) units. Its frame and components are specifically designed for use in heavy duty environments. Using this Oceanus RO as basis, Hatenboer-Water engineered a tailor made RO installation that fully complies with Havyards requirements.

Standard Reverse Osmosis series   

Apart from Oceanus, the standard Hatenboer-Water range includes Tethys and Proteus water makers, covering production capacities from 3 to 100 cubic meters of potable water per day. Each of these sturdy and complete plug and play units comes equipped with a number of features. With their own engineering and production facilities, Hatenboer-Water incorporates over a century of maritime knowledge and expertise into each design.