Hatenboer-Water Americas just delivered their first order: Bottle filling stations for our client Van Weelde. Together with these durable maritime drinking water stations, the van Weelde crew will receive stainless steel thermos bottles, which they will constantly be able to fill up on fresh, chilled water. They’ll be saving countless plastic bottles in the process.

We commend Van Weelde Group for choosing to eliminate single use plastic water bottles throughout their fleet!

As the new Hatenboer-Water branch is preparing for its official opening, stocks and supplies are coming in and we’re able to (carefully!) start visiting and supplying our clients in the US, starting with the greater Houston area. Are you located in or around Houston and looking for drinking water products or solutions? Contact our MD Edward Verweij!

Find out more about our Bottle FIlling Stations

More information on our hands-free, hygienic water stations can be found on the dedicated product page or on the web page about our hygiene solutions For more details on the reusable, stainless steel bottles, please visit the dedicated product page