New partner in India: Indostan Corporation


Though physical meetings are clearly impossible, we have managed to conclude a valuable partnership through online means. Following an initial pilot period, we have entered into a long-term and official cooperation with Indostan Corporation – our agent, distributor and service provider in India.

Our Managing Director Anas Edacherry and Indostan COO Mohan Raju finalised the last details in their video conference. With the opening of our Dubai office and increased business activities in the Indian market, we believe we can support our clients there this way, more than ever.

Both parties have longstanding records in the global offshore and maritime markets. From the Hatenboer-Water perspective, we can say we are honoured to enter into an agreement with such a leading partner in shipbuilding, oil & gas and engineering in India. As for Indostan Corporation, as they put it: ‘we’re finally getting the support we were looking for’.

We look forward to continuing our combined effort together in India!