New partner in Norway: Ålesund Maritime SA


Ålesund Maritime AS and Hatenboer‑Water BV started a partnership once both organisations noticed each other’s vision and core values.

Ålesund Maritime Managing Director, Ole Andre Grebstad: “Hatenboer-Water fits well into our portfolio of true green products, as their reverse osmosis technology benefits the shipowner with reliable safe water onboard with low power consumption. And not at least the Bottle Filling Stations for plastic reduction onboard is certainly a win for the environment. In addition, Hatenboer-Water represents predictability being the most experienced supplier of reverse osmosis worldwide.”

Ålesund Maritime represents manufacturers of maritime solutions. They assist shipowners, yards, integrators, and ship designers in putting together cost-effective and attractive product packages from their partners for all types of new builds or refit projects in the Scandinavian maritime market.

We strongly believe in having found a partner that has the same belief in our sustainable concept. Ole Andre is fully aware of the importance of the right quality of water due to his broad experience in the offshore and maritime markets. Having an eye for the crew’s health and to provide operators or owners their licence to operate. Ålesund Maritime is recognising our lasting solutions and we are looking forward to a long-lasting partnership.

As Hatenboer-Water is serving a worldwide clientele and wants to respond to any water related questions promptly, we are convinced that with Ålesund Maritime we can support our installed base in the Scandinavian region as adequately as possible. You can contact them at or +47 9760 3595.

Guy Heijnen, CCO Hatenboer-Water