Pure harvest project: tomatoes in the desert


Tomato greenhouse in challenging climate: water efficiency

Dutch technology enables tomato harvest in the desert: In the hot and arid Abu Dhabi desert, tasty tomatoes are grown in the SuprimAir greenhouse designed by our horticulture partner Certhon for the Pure Harvest project. The goal of this project is to locally produce and deliver fresh, healthy and high-quality products all year round in the UAE. In this particular climate, cooling and water savings are of vital importance. Since the feed water is rather saline with too high Sodium and Boron levels, the Hatenboer-Water membrane filtration system produces the perfect irrigation water.

Water treatment for better crops and yield  

The tailor made system includes some specific pre-filtration steps for softening and pH control. Fresh flushing and cleaning the membranes can be done in place by the local operators.

First crops     

By now, the first tomatoes have been harvested and distributed to several local outlets. More information in the press release by Certhon (in Dutch) and on the Pure Harvest website. An interesting news article was published about the project as well: https://www.agroberichtenbuitenland.nl/actueel/nieuws/2018/11/28/pure-harvest-uae