Reduce plastics on board


Reducing plastic waste has become key in environmental protection, including in the shipping industry. Answering the needs of both fleet owners and society in general to take make this happen, we developed the Plastic Free @Sea concept. With this concept, and the technology behind it, shipowners can reduce the tens of thousands of plastic water bottles on board to virtually zero, saving cost and handling time as a bonus.

Hygienic hydration

The concept comprises of a contact free water bottle filling station, a filtration unit to guarantee quality drinking water and reusable bottles. Each water fountain features easy hands-free sensor activation, providing users with a sanitary, touchless bottle filling experience. The key components have an antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of mould and mildew. In addition, as crew members are often reluctant to drink tap water from the water tanks due to their past experience, we provide on- and offline training and information to get all crew acquainted with the ins and outs of the system.

Answer to crew concerns

Several regulatory bodies have laid down ambitious sustainability programmes. One of them, IMPA’s wish to reduce the onboard use of plastic bottles to zero by 2025. For this to happen, fleet owners have to overcome crew concerns about the quality of new drinking water systems. Hatenboer-Water acknowledges this and addresses it by providing each crew with visual information (posters, infographics), a digital magazine explaining the Plastic Free @Sea concept in (technical) detail, a practical manual and dedicated training if so desired. By design, the units are easy to maintain and the dispenser clearly indicates when filters need to be changed. Tests with first clients have shown that crew members quickly grow confident and even fond of drinking water from the tap.

Industry’s frontrunners

The Plastic Free @Sea concept is a response to growing demands from the industry, explains Mark Knoester, Hatenboer-Water’s Sales Manager Water Quality: “Several frontrunners in our industry like Wagenborg, ALP or Van Oord contacted us. These organisations are eager to reach their sustainability goals and are looking for ways to act on them. When COVID came in, we switched gear to adapt and introduce contact-free tap points fast. Altogether it was quite easy to implement the Plastic Free @Sea concept for these customers, as they actively monitor onboard water quality. For those who fear low-quality water in their tanks, we’ve added a 3-step filtration unit, including a reverse osmosis membrane. We can even do a risk assessment upfront to improve all water related assets on board. It all comes together: office staff likes the potential savings and the short return on investment, the fleet is happy with clean, good-tasting water. ”