Royal Wagenborg chooses sustainable alternative to plastic bottles


After a successful test on six vessels, Royal Wagenborg is installing Hatenboer-Water bottle filling stations on another thirty vessels. The taps provide the crew with drinking water, making plastic bottles of water no longer necessary on board.

“Each year, around 180,000 bottles of water are used on board of our vessels,” says Superintendent Izak van Rhijn. “These bottles are made of single-use plastic, resulting in 2.8 tons of plastic waste. Although we collect our waste and deliver it separately ashore, we consider this environmental impact difficult to justify as a sustainable shipping company. Therefore we found it very hard to justify this environmental impact and we started looking for alternatives.”

In that search, Royal Wagenborg came across Hatenboer-Water's bottle filling stations. “The bunker tanks on board contain fresh water, but after purification there is a chlorine-like taste to the water. There is a filter in the Hatenboer-Water stations to remove this unpleasant smell and taste. The result is delicious fresh chilled water that is perfectly suitable for consumption”, says Van Rhijn.

And that is not just a sales pitch, according to the reaction of Captain Van Gorkum of the Reestborg. “We got a water bottle filling station on board. The crew is enthusiastic about the good taste of the water and makes full use of the tap. Now we no longer have to carry large quantities of drinking water in plastic bottles.”

Positive reactions were also heard from the other five test vessels and checks show that the water meets all safety standards. That is why Wagenborg has decided to expand the test to another thirty vessels. “If it also suffices there, it is certainly the intention to provide all our vessels with a bottle filling station”, concludes Van Rhijn.

Royal Wagenborg

Founded in 1898, Royal Wagenborg is an international maritime logistics conglomerate. The family owned and managed company offers a variety of maritime services, being a total solution provider with regard to shipping, offshore services, towage services, maritime management services, warehousing and transshipment, crane rental and special and heavy transport.

Wagenborg has built a strong global commercial network with offices in Sweden, Finland, Greece, Spain, Canada, Russia, the Philippines and China. Overall they are managed out of Delfzijl headquarters.

With about 3,000 employees Wagenborg serves clients predominantly in the Baltic, northwest Europe, the Mediterranean, the Americas and the far East.


Hatenboer-Water is an established water expert since 1906. Our global efforts focus on safe and reliable water quality, which we organise from our branches in Schiedam, Singapore, Dubai and Houston in cooperation with worldwide water partners such as Elkay. With Wagenborg we show you how our Plastic Free @Sea concept is the sustainable alternative for replacing plastic bottles by reusable bottles. Our privately-owned organisation is internationally renowned as a full-service partner in the water treatment market. Hatenboer-Water designs, constructs and supplies freshwater modules for 7000+ clients in maritime, offshore, horticulture industries as well as other land based industrial applications.